Exciting training opportunities!

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful, a local environmental charity,
in partnership with the Department for Agriculture,
Environment & Rural Affairs, has put together a host of fully funded
training options, to help you with questions on Climate Change.

If you are interested in learning about Climate Change and what you can
do to be part of the solution, take a look at the range of training the
Climate Action team at Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful have available,
at no charge.

We offer free training to community groups, with a wide range of
structures to suit your time and interest.

Your Climate Future sessions, offer a quick 30 minute introduction to
climate change followed by guest interviews.

(sign up directly with this link:
[1] )

Climate Smart sessions, offer a one off 1.5 hour training in climate
science and climate action, with future drop in sessions available on a
range of topics.

Carbon Literacy Training, provides an accredited and certified programme
through the Carbon Literacy Project. This can be completed in a short,
modular format and is our most comprehensive training package.

If any of these free training offers interest you, please use the link
below for more details, check available dates and sign up.


All training programmes are funded by the Department for Agriculture,
Environment & Rural Affairs.


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