The UseLess Shop is currently on hold since we vacated our premises on Spencer Road in November 2023. However Ruth still travels with the shop to craft fairs and events. She loves to have a wee chat about how we can all strive towards a plastic-free lifestyle, and is happy to do talks wherever the zero waste journey takes her. Get in Touch here

The UseLess Shop aims to provide alternative to single use products made of plastic. So, bamboo toothbrushes, stainless steel razors, refillable shampoo & conditioner, skin care, organic produce as well as a community hub to live and breathe local.

Everything at The UseLess Shop is priced as fairly as it can be, so that as many people as possible can afford to switch to plastic free and zero waste. The other aspect of the store is its a place for everyone to come along, share their concerns about how we are destroying our children’s future and take away or leave ideas for actions we can take. Zero Waste North West is proud of our little shop, and its champion. And how could we not be. Every penny spent in the shop goes right back into it! Ruth doesn’t take any money, and anyone who helps out at the store does it as a volunteer, for the craic and for human life on earth.


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This is not someone else's world it is our world. We transform it together by being the change we want to see.