The Gathering

The Gathering is a collaboration of earth and water protectors, community groups, activists and individuals who come from all over the Island of Ireland to share their campaigns and inspire and support each other.

Three events are organized annually:

One at the beginning of Spring, the second in June, as the summer beckons and lastly, the Autumn Event which is One Big March.

In this time of Climate Crisis solution-based discussions on a variety of topics happen monthly.

Topics include:

  • Planning
  • Independent Protection
  • Waste Crime
  • Creativity and Language
  • Cross Border and Health Issues
  • Clean Air and Water
  • Brexit and Environmental Law
  • Moral Witnessing
  • Rights of Nature

All topics as subject to movement and change as needed. (see events calendar for dates and contacts, if you wish to join in one of these topic conversations)

We live in an Industrial Growth Society and as a result, we the citizens are co-creating in an effort to mitigate the current destruction and to abort future threats in their planning stages, while focusing on building the new structures that will transition us into a Life Sustaining Society.

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This is not someone else's world it is our world. We transform it together by being the change we want to see.