Little Footprints Parents Peer Support Group operates a weekly drop-in at the Zero Waste North West hub.
During the weekly meet – ups parents and caregivers offer support to one and other. Little Footprints also hosts information sessions on health and wellbeing delivered by trained professionals.
The group also advocates for sustainable eco-friendly parenting and signpost to Zero Waste North West parenting programmes in baby wearing, cloth nappies, baby lead weaning, and breastfeeding  support.
The drop-in is for both parents and children (0- 5 years).

Little Footprints holds space for forming new supportive connections, that promote well-being, while attendees enjoy a cuppa and a chat.
The drop-in sessions are modelled on a ‘home-from-home’ style there are plenty of toys, books and sing-a-longs to entertain the younger visitors.
With the option of borrowing the toys from the Zero Waste Toy Library. The peer support group is co-ordinated by parents who believe in the worth of being a lived experience practitioner.
Little Footprints Parent Peer Support Group want to create a society that understands the impact of becoming a parent. As issues around birth trauma, and changes to the family dynamic often go untalked about.
Peer support is invaluable way of highlighting the importance of looking after your mental health while navigating looking after small children in a safe space where no-one feels any judgement.

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