Zero Wasting Stendhal Festival

This is a video presentation (11 minutes) of three-years of beautiful work in partnership with the amazing Stendhal Festival team to make it Northern Ireland and Ireland’s first Zero Waste Festival. In just three years we transformed the behaviour of 10,000 people!

It’s a model for not just Derry and Strabane now the first City Region on these islands to set out in the direction of Zero Waste, but the whole of Northern Ireland and beyond. It demonstrates that when the political will is present, utilising the three pillars of

  1. Education
  2. Infrastructure Change
  3. Partnership with community and business

the transformation to a Zero Waste Circular Economy is practical, makes economic and ecological sense and engages public support.

A special thanks to John Russell who worked closely with us through that time to make this the success story that it is.


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