Committee Officers elected at the AGM November 2023

  • Chair: Conall Morrison
  • Vice-chair: Marian Farrell
  • Secretary: Anjuli Grantham
  • Treasurer: Stewart Wright

Committee Members elected at the AGM November 2023

  • Brad Dickinson
  • Helen Ní Bhaoighill
  • Marcella Di Palo
  • Maria Herron
  • Mary Webster
  • Ruth O’Callaghan

Our dedicated team of members and volunteers

Yoyo, Yasmin, Stewart, Ruth, Monica, Mary W, Margaret, Maeve O, Helen, Gema, Conall, Maeve L, Caroline, Marcella, Jim, Brad, Mark D, Jennifer, Damian, Catherine, Rob, Dickie, Siobhan C, Deirdre, Trevor, Joanne, Dickie, Tom, Debs, Yvonne, Peter, Paula, Katherine, Mary Mc G, Marian, James, Cat, Anjuli, Terri, Declan, Siobhan Ní G, Ciaran, Marian, Gráinne, Lihi, Mark Mc D, Mark W, Paul, Liam, Brian, Declan, Sorcha, Carolanne, Roisín, Rebecca

A growing number of supporters and allies – We currently have 80 active supporters!

Our Organising Structures

Our effectiveness springs from a shared concern for planet, place and people. Our structure enables individuals to create subgroups based on their interests, skills and passions, advancing through our individual intrinsic motivations the various aspects of our collective work. Individuals passionate about a particular initiative will commit to leading that subgroup. We’ve found pairing up with someone who shares your concern helpful, but some subgroups have been taken forward effectively by individuals who draw on the support of the full group at key moments. Subgroups send at least one representative to the monthly committee meeting so we stay connected, inspire each other with the scope of our collective achievements and strategise as to how to overcome or weave around obstacles. The diagram below is a snapshot of the current overall structure.

Our Ways of Working

ZWNW - Our ways of working Nov 2023

Subgroup Activity

Subgroup activity depends on the intrinsic motivation of those driving them. A few, in the past, have become dormant while Zero Waste Business Initiatives which was only an aspirational idea initially was what eventually led to the development of our Use-Less Shop.

We are doing a lot, enjoying the journey and figuring the rest out as we go along. Zero Waste NW is not just something to know about, it’s also a call to local action from a living planetary system in crisis. A Call To Action was the heading on the back of our first leaflet in 2013.  There’s a place for you here, if this speaks to you, to make or just figure out your contribution. 

Minutes of Meetings

Please follow the links below to read minutes of our past meetings:

Minutes of Meeting 2nd February 2024

Minutes of Meeting 1st March 2024


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This is not someone else's world it is our world. We transform it together by being the change we want to see.