Teach your children important values and protect the environment: come and visit our toy library!

Save money, reduce clutter, and help your children’s development.

The Toy Library allows parents to bring a whole new way of being into
their children’s lives. It opens up the joy of sharing toys within a
community of families who are committing to valuing resources and moving
away from the need to own more and more stuff. One parent has already
described the Toy Library as ‘transformational’.

At The Toy Library, we believe that every child benefits from belonging to a family and every family benefits from belonging to a community.

Toy Library Membership Form

Toy Library Membership Form

Only one membership is needed per family. Membership lasts for one year

Payment options
We rely on these fees to kee the Toy Library open. If you can afford to give a little extra, please consider this as an option.
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This is not someone else's world it is our world. We transform it together by being the change we want to see.