News - people rising for climate justice banner in front of waterside train station

Good Morning Everyone,

Some thoughts and feedback from our last Gathering Event held over 3 days..the biggest event to date!!!

We had a banner making workshop on the Thursday night,the “Rights of Nature Movement in Ireland” film by  EJNI on Friday Evening,followed on Saturday by a visit to the hugging tree,a guided walk with George in Prehen Woods combined with magical singing from everyone as  Valerie,Claire and Maeve led us in song.

A huge thankyou to Paula from Artitude who with Katie and Grace organized the Thursday night,to Ciara,Lynda and Caitlin who arranged the film evening bringing RON flyers and grapes with cheese and wine.🙂

To Gemma and George of Prehen Woods, a big thankyou. As a symbol of hope, Gemma presented us with acorns from the woods to send to Colum Sands in Kilbroney Woods, Rostrevor.

Many more of us met at the Boathouse at 1:30pm and as we marched along to the railway station we continued to sing our hearts out.

We were met there by Eamonn McCann who needs no introduction to anyone and certainly not to the Gathering as he is one of the founding organizers of this group.

Maeve O’Neill introduced the speakers, Eamon and Joe Moore who spoke on the Global Climate Emergency and the Recession/Fuel Poverty Crisis that we are all faced with..

We then  walked along the greenway and through St Columb’s Park Woods singing “Put your roots down,put your feet on the ground,you can hear the earth sing if you listen”

We were welcomed with a choice of soup or vegan curry followed by wine and cheese and lots of beautiful music,song, poetry, stories and inspirational speakers.

Thankyou to George McLaughlin, Ken McCormick, James King and Eamon O’Donnell, Paraig O’Brien and Ursula McHugh, Graínne O’Neill and Tom Craig, Anna Barclay and Kate O’Donnell.

The Gathering wouldn’t happen without many many willing volunteers,so thanks to Nuala Crilly  for arranging and paying for the delicious food and to Gemma Harkin for the scrumptious apple crumble,to Ruth McCartney for making our poster and raising awareness on social media and sorting out microphone Issues., To Grainne, George,Conall, Maeve and Ruth  for putting up posters,to Graínne and Ruth for setting up the hall and to Jim and Maeve for the Global day of Action Banner and sound system at the railway station 

Thank you to Ruth  O;Callaghan who kindly brings her USELESS Shop to every event, to Paula who organized the creche,to Donna McFeely  who had a busy time in the woods with a group of 4-12 year olds and who also acted as warden,locking up after us and to Marcella who photographed the entire  Saturday for us.

Thankyou to you all for making the Gathering inspirational and uplifting for us all.

If you would like to be involved in making the next Gathering happen and have skills you would like to share,please email theenvironmental gathering



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